Saturday, 10 September 2011

49° 55'N - 6° 19'W

In the last week of August as the summer came to an end, just before Helen went back to Med school for the Michaelmas term, we decided to take a few days to visit our friends, who have been pestering us for months (years) to visit them at their island home on The Scillys.
Leaving Devon at 4 am we arrived in Penzance early on a calm, clear, bright morning, the sea was flat, and having heard what an uncomfortable, sickness enduing crossing it can be on the Scillonian, we were thankful. Given that is have somewhat neglected to update this blog with any of my activities this summer I thought I would publish a few photos here.

Cloud bank over a flat calm Mounts Bay, Penzance.

The Scillonian in berth, Penzance Harbour. 

Rations from the excellent galley on the Scillonian.

As we drew in to The Islands, we stood on deck, the sun shone and a pod of porpoise made a brief appearance as they headed out in to the Channel. It was going to be a good day.

St Marys Harbour

Helen on Tresco.

Obligatory couple shot.

Helen and Kylie keep warm and dry (unlike poor Dave) on the crossing back from St Agnes after a visit to Britains most South Westerly Pub.

Kylie and Lily on 'Firethorn' on the way to see Jack and Kim on Bryher.

 Kylie and Dave in Scillonian Nation Dress (Wellies with anything/everything)

Jacko on a 'Dark 'n' Stormy' Night

We had a brilliant time, it's a truly amazing place, a rugged, weather beaten lump of granite stuck a few meter out of sea the turbulent spot where Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel mix. It was great to get a glimpse of island life, fishing and farming and wildlife and we are very thankful to have had knowledgeable, local hosts and guides.

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